Concrete vs. Plaster | 10/15/2018

Which one works best?

What products do I use for my specific project? Which material should I use for indoor use, outdoor? Lets use pros and cons for each material to determine the best route. First, both plaster and concrete materials are excellent mediums for casting high definition molds. They are equally affordable, available at most home improvement stores, easy to work with and can be customized with colors and special finishes.

The basic comparison


  • Great for use inside or outside
  • Can be used to cast floor tiles and heavy duty pavers
  • Can be stained and sealed for a natural looking finish
  • Strong when fully cured
  • Long working time

Concrete Cons

  • Heavy material, use caution when hanging concrete plaques
  • Needs 14 days to fully cure before stain and sealer can be applied
  • Concrete can leave residue in casting molds without use of proper mold release

Plaster Pros

  • Affordable and available
  • Best used indoors
  • Ideal used on wall and vertical surfaces
  • Light weight, excellent for plaque making
  • Comes in pure white for true color match
  • Picks up very intricate details
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Easy mold clean up after each use

Plaster Cons

  • Too weak for flooring tiles or pavers
  • Short work time
  • Can be brittle and easy to scratch

Both materials will cast very easily and effectively. Have fun and keep those tools clean for the next pour!

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